ABC CEO issues apology to Stan Grant following his departure from Q+A due to racial abuse.

ABC CEO issues apology to Stan Grant following his departure from Q+A due to racial abuse.

ABC Managing Director Apologizes to Indigenous Presenter and Announces Review into Racism Response

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has come under fire for its handling of racism towards its workers, particularly Indigenous presenter Stan Grant. In response, ABC Managing Director David Anderson has issued an apology to Grant and announced a review into the broadcaster’s response to racism affecting its staff.

Grant, an award-winning host, presenter, and journalist, has been subjected to relentless racial abuse, which he says has worsened since he appeared on the ABC’s coverage of the coronation of King Charles III. In a column, he criticized the ABC for failing to publicly support him while he was subjected to the abuse. “Not one ABC executive has publicly refuted the lies written or spoken about me. I don’t hold any individual responsible; this is an institutional failure,” he wrote.

Anderson has acknowledged Grant’s experiences as “distressing and confronting” and apologized for the lack of public support. “How the ABC supports people in these moments is important,” he said in an email to ABC staff. “Stan Grant has stated that he has not felt publicly supported. For this, I apologize to Stan.”

Anderson also criticized “some commercial media outlets” for their “sustained and vitriolic” “anti-ABC reporting,” which he says has real-world effects on presenters and journalists.

The ABC’s Bonner Committee, which advises the broadcaster on matters linked to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, content, and other issues, asked Anderson to review the way the organization responds to racism affecting staff. Anderson has accepted the request.

“Racism must never be tolerated, and I am dismayed that Stan has been exposed to such sickening behavior,” Anderson said. “Stan has our full support. And he has always had our full support. Stan makes an enormous contribution to conversations of national importance.”

In conclusion, it is important for organizations to take a stand against racism and support their workers when they are subjected to abuse. The ABC’s review into its response to racism affecting its staff is a step in the right direction towards creating a safe and inclusive workplace for all.


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