ABC Journalists Express Their Endorsement of Stan Grant

ABC Journalists Express Their Endorsement of Stan Grant

ABC Colleagues Show Support for Stan Grant After Racial Abuse

Stan Grant, the host of Q + A, has received support from his colleagues at ABC after he walked away from the network due to “relentless” racial abuse. Grant claimed that the ABC had failed to offer “one word of public support” following his appearance on the network’s coverage of the King’s Coronation. Since Grant’s announcement, several journalists, including some of his ABC colleagues, have publicly voiced their support for him and condemned the attacks. The abuse followed Grant’s appearance on the ABC’s coverage of the King’s Coronation where he discussed the stolen generations and pointed out that the crown represents the invasion and theft of land. Following the program, the ABC received over 1,000 complaints about the coverage.

Grant’s Decision to Walk Away

In a column explaining his decision to take time away from the National Broadcaster, Grant said that the media had twisted his words and accused him of “maligning Australia” while viewers took aim at his family. He also claimed that he and his family were regularly racially mocked or abused on social media. The ABC was criticised for failing to publicly condemn the abuse and support him in the face of racially motivated personal attacks.

ABC News Director Responds

Following Grant’s column, ABC news director Justin Stevens issued a statement calling the abuse against the Q+A presenter “abhorrent and unacceptable”. Stevens explained that Grant had been invited onto the Coronation program as a “Wiradjuri man” to discuss his own experience and the role of the monarchy in Australia in relation to Indigenous history. He admitted that the coverage was met with a “strong response” from viewers but insisted that Grant should not be the subject of any abuse. Stevens also stated that any complaints or criticism regarding the coverage should be directed to him, not to Grant.


The support shown by Grant’s colleagues at ABC highlights the importance of standing up against racial abuse and discrimination. It is crucial that individuals and organisations take a stand against racism and support those who are targeted by it. The response from ABC news director Justin Stevens is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to combat racism and promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of society.


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