“Alex Shorey shares video from hospital bed in Brisbane after consuming rat poison in Taiwan”

"Alex Shorey shares video from hospital bed in Brisbane after consuming rat poison in Taiwan"

Australian Student Recovers from Rat Poison Ingestion in Taiwan

Alex Shorey, a 24-year-old Australian university student, was recently flown back to Brisbane from Taiwan after unknowingly ingesting rat poison. In a video shot by his family inside the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Shorey thanked everyone who helped him return to Australia for treatment. Family and friends raised $200,000 for his medical evacuation from Taiwan.

Shorey’s father, Dr. Stephen Shorey, said his son’s condition had deteriorated shortly before he left Taiwan after he had another anaphylactic reaction. “I believe his medical repatriation actually saved his life,” Dr. Shorey said. “While Alex still has a long road ahead, in terms of his recovery, his condition is improving.”

Police in Taiwan are investigating Shorey’s female friend for poisoning him. The University of Queensland exchange student had been in Taiwan for a year and was weeks away from returning home to Australia when he experienced black skin spots and unusual bleeding. Doctors at a top Taipei hospital found that Alex had ingested super warfarin – normally used in rat bait – and his condition critically worsened to include organ damage when his body responded badly to treatment.

Dr. Shorey said the family were “aware that the Taiwanese authorities are looking closely at the circumstances surrounding Alex’s illness”. “We don’t want to prejudice any police initiation by making any further comment in this matter, beyond saying that we are so grateful that our son is alive and we are eager to hear the outcome of the investigations,” he added.


This incident highlights the importance of being aware of what we consume, especially when traveling to foreign countries. It also emphasizes the need for quick and efficient medical evacuation services for those who fall ill or are injured abroad. The investigation into Shorey’s poisoning is ongoing, and we hope that justice will be served for him and his family.

Source: abc.net.au

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