Children Rescued by Teachers and Passersby in School Bus Crash

Children Rescued by Teachers and Passersby in School Bus Crash


A bus carrying 45 children overturned and rolled near the intersection of Exford Road and Murphys Road at Eynesbury, leaving some children with traumatic injuries. The crash occurred just 900m away from Exford Primary School. Several passersby, including tradie Dean Eastway, rushed to rescue and comfort the children involved in the “horrific” crash. The actions of these passersby were labeled as heroic by Victoria Police Superintendent Michael Cruse.


Tradie Dean Eastway and other passersby worked to pull kids out of the bus shortly after it overturned. The crash has left seven children aged between five and 11 with life-changing injuries, including amputations, while 11 other children were also taken to hospital. The bus driver, who was injured himself, also helped to get children out of the bus. Exford Primary School principal Liza Campo said most teachers rushed to the crash site upon hearing of the incident. She also said that she did not expect to find as serious of a scene as they did.

Victoria Police Superintendent Michael Cruse said it was important drivers had conversations about road safety following the “avoidable” crash. “Some of the injuries are truly life-changing – and this incident was avoidable, as are so many of the incidents that police and emergency services attend to.” Cruse said “inattention is something that (police) are actively looking at as part of the investigation”, while more charges are expected to be laid.

Royal Children’s Hospital chief executive officer Bernadette McDonald said she was surprised all children survived the horrific accident. Nine children aged between five and 11 were rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon. Seven kids remain at the Royal Children’s Hospital, all of whom are in a stable condition. Parents were offered accommodation at the hospital overnight.

Premier Daniel Andrews praised first responders, teachers, and hospital staff for their response to the “deeply distressing incident” while speaking to media this morning. Andrews said the government would support the school in any way possible.

Locals have told 3AW the stretch of road where the crash occurred is a problem area and needs urgent attention. The speed zone out the front of the school is 60km/h, but quickly goes up to 100km/h. Kim Jovanello said speed was often an issue on the road.


The crash near Exford Primary School was a tragic incident that left several children with life-changing injuries. Passersby, teachers, and hospital staff were praised for their heroic actions in rescuing and comforting the children involved in the crash. The incident highlights the importance of road safety and the need for drivers to be attentive and cautious while driving. The government has pledged to support the school in any way possible, and locals are calling for urgent attention to be given to the problem area where the crash occurred.


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