Dan Wootton ‘horrified’ at reaction anti-trans activist copped in NZ – Sky News Australia

Dan Wootton ‘horrified’ at reaction anti-trans activist copped in NZ - Sky News Australia

British broadcaster New Zealand citizen  Dan Wootton says British activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, who has campaigned against transgender rights, not being able to speak on a public platform in his home country of New Zealand is a “disgrace.”

New Zealand-born Mr Wootton told Sky News Australia host Peta Credlin that he’s “horrified” that the controversial figure had to abort her women’s rally in Wellington and leave the country after her event in Auckland unfolded into chaos on Saturday.

“I think this wave of woke tyranny taking over the country dates back to Jacinda Ardern,” Mr Wootton said on Credlin on Monday night.

“I experienced it myself when I spoke up against her damaging and inhumane lockdowns.”

“I know she’s a controversial person – not everyone agrees with her stance on trans rights – but the fact that she was not able to stand up for women and speak on a public platform in New Zealand is a disgrace.”

The British broadcaster said he agreed with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling who took to Twitter to label the scenes in Auckland “repellent.”

“As J.K. Rowling says this makes New Zealand look repellent on the international stage. Not respectful and tolerant as the NZ media would lead you to believe,” he said.

Thousands of counter-protesters gathered in Auckland’s Albert Park on Saturday morning ahead of her scheduled appearance at an organised rally. 

The British activist had been in New Zealand on the next leg of her Let Women Speak tour, which also sparked clashes in Australia last week. 

As she made her way towards the podium to address the crowd she was quickly swamped by counter-protesters who booed and heckled her.

At one point a protester poured a bottle of tomato sauce over her head before being ejected by security. 

Keen-Minshull attempted to go ahead with her speech but was drowned out by chants of “go home”, drums, and a Whitney Houston song that played over a loudspeaker. 

The crowd quickly overtook the rally, chanting “trans rights are human rights”.

She was escorted out flanked by police a short time later and reportedly asked if she could be taken to a police station.

Hours after the incident Keen-Minshull took to Twitter, saying “I genuinely feared for my life today”. 

“My activism is simple, we #LetWomenSpeak. Why does that make anyone so angry?” she wrote.

“We showed the world what happens to women when they try to speak. No one can pretend they don’t see the salivating misogyny.”

Source: skynews.com.au

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