Dutton suffers major slump in latest poll – Sky News Australia

Dutton suffers major slump in latest poll - Sky News Australia

Labor has extended its lead over the Coalition while Peter Dutton continues to fall further behind Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

In the latest Newspoll published by The Australian, the Coalition has slumped to its lowest point since September.

The Opposition has recorded a measly 33 per cent primary vote, down almost three points from the 2022 Federal Election and two points from the previous poll in March.

Meanwhile Labor has bounced back from a string of declining polls, posting a 38 per cent primary vote – up six from the election.

The Liberal-National Coalition lost ground to both the left and the right with One Nation receiving its highest primary vote in five years, recording eight per cent of the vote.

The result amounts to a one-point shift towards the government in the two-party-preferred stakes.

Labor now leads the opposition 55-45 which represents a three-point swing since the last election.

Mr Albanese remains firmly ahead of the Opposition Leader in the preferred prime minister stakes, leading Mr Dutton 58-26, amounting to a net six-point increase for the Labor leader.

‘Five lessons’ the Liberals can take from Aston by-election loss

The Prime Minister lost six points between December and March, in terms of net satisfaction, but has bounced back posting plus 21 per cent.

Meanwhile Mr Dutton’s personal popularity continues to suffer, dropping further behind to negative -13 per cent.

Mr Dutton’s fortunes took another massive hit on the weekend leading the Liberal Party to a historic defeat in the Aston by-election.

Labor’s Mary Doyle’s victory marks the first time a government has won a seat off an opposition in more than 100 years.

The Opposition Leader accepted responsibility for the humiliating defeat but seems to have done enough to fend off internal challenges.

Mr Dutton vowed to rebuild the party and stood firm that he would not resign.

Liberals’ Aston candidate was ‘sacrificed on the altar of female diversity’

“We didn’t win the seat, so by definition, we have a lot of work to I accept responsibility and I’m the leader of the party,” Mr Dutton told ABC Insiders on Sunday morning.

“I can tell you it makes me more determined to rebuild this party and be in a winning position by 2025.”

While the Liberal Party now only holds two seats in the wide metropolitan region and under Mr Dutton’s federal stewardship has gone backwards nationally, the Queensland conservative looks set to keep his job.

Liberal MPs have shown frustration at the result, but some backbenchers have told The Guardian there was “no one even close to having the support”.

“Dutton was chosen as the best of who was left [after the 2022 election] and that hasn’t changed in the 10 months since,” one MP told the publication.

Source: skynews.com.au

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