Hunt for ‘mystery man’ as theory hints of how Sydney real estate agent may have died in Bali – Sky News Australia

Hunt for ‘mystery man’ as theory hints of how Sydney real estate agent may have died in Bali - Sky News Australia

The family of a Sydney real estate agent who mysteriously died while on holidays in Bali has pleaded for a mystery man last seen with him to come forward.

Charlie John Bradley, 28, was found unresponsive outside a hospital in north Kuta on Sunday morning after spending a night with friends at Finns Beach Club.

He had shared social media posts partying at the popular venue before he decided to leave in a taxi just after midnight but was found dead a few hours later.

His heartbroken sister Beth Bradley revealed the family had spoken to a doctor who told them a mystery man had showed him a video of Mr Bradley in a distressed state.

“A male had brought Charlie into the hospital and showed him a video of Charlie initially confused and he’d fallen to the ground and was banging his head… then he was unconscious and he then brought him into the hospital,” she told Sunrise on Friday.

A female friend had earlier watched Mr Bradley enter the taxi and recite the villa address he was staying at, which was located about 15 minutes from Finns Beach Club.

Between the time he left the venue to about 1:30am, the 28-year-old had called another friend three times but they did not answer.

“From there, all we know is that Charlie was then found in the middle of the street, on the ground,” Ms Bradley added.

She suggested her brother may have died by methanol poisoning.

Trying to rack her brain for answers, Ms Bradley has in recent days researched about potential causes of his death before landing on the theory.

“There’s a lot of methanol poisoning in Bali. It seems that a lot of the bar pump their alcohol with ethanol themselves to save them money in terms of producing it,” she told Daily Mail Australia, adding her brother did not drink beer and only consumed spirits.

“The body can’t hack that much which can end up with you having hallucinations, not being able to walk, shaking and multiple other symptoms.”

“Every time I’ve googled people dying in Bali it seems to be a very similar situation and it seems to be happening more as of late.”

His body was found about two minutes from his villa.

Indonesian Police have reportedly interviewed two witnesses who had seen Mr Bradley in the three-hour gap between leaving the club and being found dead.

One of them was taxi driver Dani Siswanto who rushed him to Siloam Hospital.

He told police a “foreigner” had helped Mr Bradley into his vehicle and travelled with him to the hospital before the mystery man then vanished.

Ms Bradley is frustrated with authorities who failed to get the person’s name.

Mr Bradley, who had relocated from Coventry in the United Kingdom to Adelaide in 2013, had forged a promising career in real estate, which saw him move to Sydney.

The amateur boxer worked for real estate firms Belle and McGrath. He travelled to Indonesia to see a music festival with a mate.

The family is working with British authorities to repatriate his body.

His other sister Angela has set up a fundraising page to bring him back home.


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