Massive Blaze in Sydney CBD Keeps Firefighters Busy Throughout the Night

Massive Blaze in Sydney CBD Keeps Firefighters Busy Throughout the Night

Massive Fire in Surry Hills Destroys Two Buildings

A massive inferno that destroyed two multi-storey buildings in Sydney’s Surry Hills on Thursday afternoon has been contained, but crews were expected to keep working on Friday morning to get rid of all remnants of the blaze before investigations into how the fire started can begin. The buildings have undergone extensive damage and stresses due to the impacts of the fire.

Fire and Rescue NSW crews have been working throughout the night to extinguish the fire completely. Diversions are in place along Elizabeth, Randle, and Chalmers streets in the CBD. More than 100 firefighters were called to the scene from multiple stations across Sydney, needing hours to contain the blaze with a combination of aerial and ground attacks.

Evacuation and Safety Measures

Hundreds of people were evacuated from the area as the fire burned through several levels on Randle Street near Central Station just after 4 pm on Thursday. Authorities said it was “incredibly lucky” no firefighters were killed, though one suffered a minor arm burn. Fire and Rescue NSW Commissioner Jeremy Fewtrell told media on Thursday evening it could take “several hours” to put out the fire completely. He also said there were “collapse zones” in place to protect firefighters as they kept working.

Investigations into the Cause of the Blaze

Once the fire is finally extinguished, investigators from both Fire and Rescue NSW and NSW Police will enter the scene to determine the cause of the blaze. Both organizations said it was too soon to speculate. John Duncan from NSW Police said the matter was still under investigation. “We will work with their investigators to work out what actually occurred. It’s way too early [to say what sparked the blaze],” he said.


The Surry Hills blaze is a reminder of how quickly a fire can spread and cause extensive damage. It is important to follow safety protocols and evacuation procedures in such situations. Investigations into the cause of the fire will help prevent similar incidents in the future.


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