NSW government calls for Mark Latham to apologise, after no remorse over homophobic tweets – ABC News

NSW government calls for Mark Latham to apologise, after no remorse over homophobic tweets - ABC News

There is no way to reprimand One Nation NSW leader Mark Latham over his homophobic comments, the newly elected NSW Labor government says.

It comes after Mr Latham took to Twitter for the first time since his graphic tweet, quoting comments from independent MP Alex Greenwich about a violent protest at St Michael’s Church in Sydney’s west.

The ABC has chosen not to publish Mr Latham’s graphic and homophobic comment.

After going to ground on Friday amid calls to say sorry, Mr Latham went on another Twitter tirade this morning where he gave no indication he would back down from his views.

In one, he quoted a headline from an online article saying, “never apologise, never explain”.

Minister for the Environment Penny Sharpe said Labor’s hands were tied while the upper house count continued.

“His behaviour over the last couple of days is unacceptable; there’s no place for it in New South Wales, there’s no place for it in New South Wales politics, no place for it in our community,” she said.

“He’s also currently not a member of parliament because he resigned from the parliament, and we won’t have the outcome of the upper house ballot.

“And let’s see what happens when they press the button on the upper house ballot on the 20th of April.”

She joined newly elected Premier Chris Minns in condemning Mr Latham’s comments, calling for him to apologise.

“The best thing that Mr Latham could do is to apologise to Mr Greenwich. That’s what we want him to do today.”

a woman wearing glasses standing outdoors at a press conference talking to the media
Ms Sharpe says it’s time for Mr Latham to apologise.(ABC News)

Mr Greenwich posted on social media again this morning saying: “Mr Latham is clearly unfit for office, and I hope he gets the help he needs.”

The openly gay member for Sydney, who is married to his long-term partner, said on Friday he did not want to directly respond to the now-deleted tweet.

“I understand this tweet has been taken down, and I don’t intend to engage with the matter further,” he said in a statement.

“My focus in the parliament will be working with the majority of members who support the LGBTQ community to progress important reforms.”

One Nation founder and leader Pauline Hanson said she and her party associates did not condone the remarks and had asked Mr Latham to apologise publicly.

“I think [the comments] are disgusting,” she said in a video on Facebook.

“I’ve actually tried to ring Mark a couple of times to no avail, and I have clearly sent a text message to him telling him my views.”

Source: abc.net.au

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