NSW Liberals pick up four votes after recount to retain seat of Ryde – ABC News

NSW Liberals pick up four votes after recount to retain seat of Ryde - ABC News

The New South Wales Liberals have won the seat of Ryde after a recount, the state’s electoral commission has confirmed.

It’s the last electorate to be decided, but the confirmation will have no impact on the final election result, which remains at 45 seats going to Labor, 36 to the Coalition and three to the Greens, with independent candidates claiming nine seats.

According to the NSW Electoral Commission’s (NSW AEC) final tally, the Liberals’ Jordan Lane secured 24,383 primary votes (45.29 per cent), while Lyndal Howison received 21,004 primary votes (39.01 per cent).

ABC election analyst Antony Green said that after the preference count, the Liberal Party not only managed to claim the seat it has held since 2008, but also increased its lead.

“Recount over, Ryde declared for Liberal Party, winning by 54 votes,” he said on Twitter.

“The Ryde recount found that six informal votes were formal. After preferences the Liberal lead increased from 50 votes to 54.”

Mr Lane, the former mayor of Ryde, takes over from retiring MP Victor Dominello, who served the community for 15 years.

He said he wasn’t surprised by the result, but was relieved to finally have an outcome.

“It was clear during the campaign that it would be a close result,” Mr Lane told the ABC.

“We put forward a bold and ambitious agenda for the community, but at the same time I was looking to take over from an incredibly popular local MP.”

After initially trailing behind Ms Howison by just a few votes after the March 25 ballot, the seat was called for the Liberals last Saturday.

Labor responded by calling for a recount due to the “closeness of the count”.

Mr Lane said he never had any doubts over the process of revisiting ballot papers and praised the robustness of the electoral system

But while he is thankful for the increased margin, he said it was now time to “hit the ground running” after such a long journey.

“I’m deeply honoured and humbled … it’s a great honour to represent a community that has been my home my entire life, so I’m very, very privileged and look forward to hitting the ground running from day one.”

He wished Ms Howison and her team all the best. 

“We tried to exchange phone calls this evening now that the result is final,” he said. 

“It’s important in politics that we remind ourselves how lucky we are to have a system where two competing candidates can coexist so peacefully and harmoniously in a community, and to most of the extent Lyndal and I had that.”

The electoral commission says that according to the Electoral Act 2017, Labor’s only recourse is “by a petition to the Court of Disputed Returns”, set up to hear challenges to election results.

Source: abc.net.au

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