NSW’s new government is sworn in, Terrigal win looking unlikely for Labor — as it happened – ABC News

NSW's new government is sworn in, Terrigal win looking unlikely for Labor — as it happened - ABC News

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Laura has asked:

What results do you think were impacted by boundary changes? For example, do you think Winston Hills was affected by the change for or against the Liberals?

It’s really hard to say Laura, because every seat is so different. Let’s use your example of Winston Hills (it used to be called Seven Hills, but got a new name this election). Antony is the full bottle on this stuff, so I’m referring to his guide here.

After the redistribution, the Liberals’ estimated margin in Winston Hills was 5.7 per cent, compared to 6.4 per cent for what would have been Seven Hills at the 2019 election. So basically, the redistribution didn’t help them. They’ve held it despite that.

So many factors are at play here, though. Take Kogarah, for example. A redistribution cut Labor’s margin from 1.8 per cent to 0.1 per cent. But Labor saw an 18 per cent swing to it this election, and you’d have to say that is, in part, to the fact its candidate is the high-profile Chris Minns.

Ryan S has asked: 

Hey there, Want to be First home buyer here and that’s the reason I voted labour this election (due for their policy). Was wondering your thoughts on if and when labour will get their policy through the parliament and will it be back dated to the election day or even today? Thanks

Ryan I’ve asked state political reporter Ashleigh Raper to field this one as I’ve got no idea. She says: “Parliament is not scheduled to resume until May. At this stage Labor hasn’t indicated it’s a priority piece of legislation in the first sitting weeks. And it’s unlikely it can be backdated pre-legislation passing parliament.”

Gus has asked: 

Hello Paige, hello Riley, Thank you for the coverage. Can you provide an overview of upper house and what it means for the overall numbers/balance of power in the upper house please.

The upper house votes take weeks to count. You can check the results here. Go all the way to the bottom to see the list of people who look likely to be re-elected so far.

Doug has asked:

I had the displeasure of watching Sky News coverage on election night – but I was also following ABC coverage on my phone. The total number of seats Sky news was calling was behind the amount the ABC was reporting. What exactly is the difference with the ABC election computer? Does it factor things that other networks simply don’t?

If we told you, Doug, we’d have to kill you.

Daniel has asked:

When will we get some serious live results for the Legislative council as the ABC site is very hard to read and confusing. What will the Greens results look like?

Daniel, have you seen the LC ballot paper?! Counting takes weeks. When the below-the-line votes are counted, the site will update. As it stands, The Greens have secured two seats in the upper house.

Source: abc.net.au

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