“Pesutto Responds to Dutton’s Proposal, Expressing Disbelief in its Necessity”

"Pesutto Responds to Dutton's Proposal, Expressing Disbelief in its Necessity"

Liberal Party Leadership in Victoria: John Pesutto Responds to Speculation

The Liberal Party in Victoria has been in the news recently due to a stoush between John Pesutto and Moira Deeming. The situation has escalated to the point where federal intervention has been suggested by Peter Dutton, the federal leader. However, John Pesutto has hit back at these claims, stating that he does not believe such a move is necessary.


Moira Deeming was suspended from the party room for nine months after attending a Let Women Speak rally that was crashed by a group of neo-Nazis. John Pesutto initially wanted to expel her from the party, but a compromise was reached which involved sending out a statement to “make it clear that no one was accusing Moira of being a Nazi or Nazi sympathiser”. However, an email from Ms Deeming on Thursday stated that she believes she has not been exonerated.

Potential Legal Challenge

Ms Deeming is considering a legal challenge over her suspension. It is understood that she may not sue Mr Pesutto, but instead use lawyers to force a meeting to consider the matter of her suspension. Sources have also revealed that conversations are underway within the party to bring about a fresh expulsion motion in the coming days.

Culture Concerns

A number of MPs have sought advice from the Victorian Parliament’s independent officers over concerns of the culture within the Liberal Party. The advice includes how to make a formal complaint as an MP, given they are not employees. When asked about these revelations, Mr Pesutto said he was unaware of who the MPs are.

Response from John Pesutto

In response to Peter Dutton’s comments, John Pesutto said he does not believe federal intervention will occur and he does not believe it’s necessary. He added that he has not yet spoken with Mr Dutton but the pair get on “perfectly fine at a personal level”. When asked about the culture concerns, Mr Pesutto said he was unaware of who the MPs are and that it is hard to respond to something when the specific allegations are not known. However, he did state that a large number of MPs have come out and said that they have only ever seen him act professionally and collaboratively.


The situation within the Liberal Party in Victoria is ongoing, with potential legal challenges and fresh expulsion motions on the horizon. While federal intervention has been suggested, John Pesutto does not believe it is necessary. The culture concerns within the party are also being addressed, with MPs seeking advice on how to make formal complaints. It remains to be seen how the situation will be resolved, but it is clear that there are ongoing issues that need to be addressed within the party.

Source: skynews.com.au

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