Police locate final escaped prisoner in an unexpected location.

Police locate final escaped prisoner in an unexpected location.


Three prisoners escaped from a low-security correctional facility in Queensland, Australia, on Sunday. Two of them were found on Monday morning, but the third one remained missing. A major manhunt was launched to find the missing prisoner, and he was finally found on Tuesday in a town located more than 1,800 kilometers away from the correctional facility. This article provides details about the escape and the subsequent search for the prisoners.


Escape from Palen Creek Correctional Centre:

David Mene, 28, Daniel Badcock, 32, and Osiah Pilton, 20, escaped from Palen Creek Correctional Centre in Rathdowney on Sunday. The correctional facility is located about 100 kilometers south of Brisbane. It is a low-security facility that houses prisoners who are nearing the end of their sentence or who have committed minor offenses.

Capture of Badcock and Pilton:

The police launched a major manhunt to find the escaped prisoners. On Monday morning, they found Badcock and Pilton in the suburb of Northgate on Brisbane’s northside. It is not clear how the two men managed to travel from Palen Creek Correctional Centre to Northgate, which is almost a two-hour trip by car.

Capture of Mene:

The search continued for Mene, who had not been seen since the escape. Queensland Police confirmed that they found him on Tuesday about 3 pm in the Far North Queensland town of Ravenshoe. It is not known how he managed to travel more than 1,800 kilometers in two days.

Charges against Mene:

Mene was serving three years for illegal motor vehicle use. He now faces an additional charge of escape unlawful custody. He is scheduled to appear in Cairns Magistrate Court on Wednesday.

Warning to Queenslanders:

Queenslanders were warned on Monday to stay away from the escaped prisoners and immediately call the police if they spot any of them. The police advised the public not to approach the prisoners as they could be dangerous.


The escape of three prisoners from a low-security correctional facility in Queensland has raised concerns about the security of such facilities. The capture of all three prisoners within two days is a testament to the effectiveness of the police force in Queensland. However, it is important to investigate how the prisoners managed to escape and travel such long distances without being detected. The incident also highlights the need for better security measures in correctional facilities to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

Source: skynews.com.au

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