Police to dissect two euthanised crocodiles as search for missing Queensland fisherman continues – 9News

Police to dissect two euthanised crocodiles as search for missing Queensland fisherman continues - 9News
Officials searching for a missing fisherman in Far North Queensland will today perform a necropsy on two large euthanised crocodiles which may have killed him.

Department of Environment wildlife officers last night located the crocs, measuring 4.1 metres and 2.8 metres, upstream from where Kevin Darmody was last seen.

Darmody, who is from Laura, north-west of Port Douglas, was fishing with a friend at the croc-infested Kennedy River when he mysteriously vanished, and a series of unusual sounds remain the only clues as to what happened.
Missing man feared taken by crocodile in Queensland 65-year-old Kevin Darmody (Supplied)

His friend alerted police and described hearing a “splashing sound” just before Darmody disappeared. 

Queensland Police and officials are scheduled to conduct a necropsy – a version of an autopsy for animals – on the two crocodiles this afternoon.

A police statement said the crocodiles are “believed to be involved in the incident”.

Police are prepared to deliver a report for the coroner.

The search for Darmody, a 65-year-old publican and fishing enthusiast, today entered its fourth day, with chances of his survival dwindling fast.

Police dive teams have been working in the extremely dangerous waterways, and other search and rescue teams are combing the area.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Detective Acting Inspector Jason Chetham said it was “obviously” possible that Darmody was dragged into the water by a big croc.

“It could have happened, for sure,” he said.

“It’s a national park and there are wild animals up there, wild crocodiles,” he said.

Darmody was last seen at 3.30pm on Saturday at the Kennedy River at Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park, about 340km north-west of Cairns.

Queensland police will update search progress this afternoon.

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Source: 9news.com.au

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