SA parliament to move to gender neutral language – 9News

SA parliament to move to gender neutral language - 9News
South Australia has decided to remove all gender-specific terms from state parliament’s rules of procedure.

Gendered pronouns such as ‘she’ and ‘he’ will be replaced with ‘they’ and ‘them’ after a review prompted recommendations to move to gender neutral language. 

Under the changes, terms such as “Her Majesty” when referring to the monarch, and “His Excellency” when referring to the governor, have now been replaced. 

King Charles III's wife has been officially identified as Queen Camilla for the first time, with Buckingham Palace using the title on invitations for the monarch's May 6 coronation.
King Charles III will be known as “the sovereign” instead of “His Majesty”. (AP)

“Her Majesty” will be called “the sovereign” and “His Excellency” will instead be known as “the governor”. 

Other changes that have been adopted after the review include reforms to allow maternity leave, breastfeeding infants in the chamber and committees to meet electronically.

The government and opposition have both backed the changes, which are in line with the federal government’s content guidelines regarding gender and sexual diversity, The Adelaide Advertiser reports.

Opposition spokeswoman Michelle Lensink said the changes had the Liberal Party’s support.

“It’s important the parliament continues to represent all South Australians by reflecting community expectations and the simplifying and updating of references now brings us in line with other jurisdictions across the country,” she said.

However, other politicians said the move was going too far and smacked of wokeism.

The changes only apply to the Lower House, but that did not stop criticism from the Upper House crossbench.

“Wokeism has even penetrated the workings of parliament,” Frank Pangallo, from the SA-Best party, told The Advertiser.

“I don’t think (gendered pronouns) caused any harm or offence in our community. I think this is sort of the left elements in politics that are exerting themselves.”

Mr Pangallo said there were far more important issues the parliament should be focusing on.

 “Verbs not pronouns should be parliament’s priority,” he said.

“This is much ado about nothing, quite frankly.”

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