Victorian Liberals to conduct expulsion vote of Deeming despite facing legal challenge

Victorian Liberals to conduct expulsion vote of Deeming despite facing legal challenge

Liberal Leader John Pesutto to Proceed with Plans to Expel MP Despite Legal Threats

Liberal Leader John Pesutto is pushing ahead with plans to expel MP Moira Deeming from the party despite her threats to sue him. Deeming has issued a defamation concerns notice to Pesutto’s office less than 24 hours before a vote to decide her fate in the Liberal Party. The notice demands that Pesutto publish an apology on his website, pay Deeming compensation and her legal costs, or risk legal action in the Federal Court.

Despite the threat, tomorrow’s vote will proceed as planned. Pesutto believes he has the numbers to expel Deeming from his parliamentary Liberal party properly this time.


The controversy surrounding Deeming started after she attended a rally in Melbourne that was described by her as a women’s rights demonstration. However, her opponents criticized it as an anti-trans demonstration. Pesutto compiled a dossier of evidence against Deeming after that rally and took issue with her interacting with activist Kelly Jay Keen, another women’s rights activist who has featured in videos with YouTubers who have separately shared their platform with members of the KKK.

Deeming has been demanding that Pesutto issue an apology, opposing any suggestion that she is herself a Nazi or affiliated with Nazis. Pesutto denies ever making that allegation.


Despite the legal threats, John Pesutto is determined to proceed with his plans to expel Moira Deeming from the Liberal Party. The controversy surrounding Deeming’s attendance at the rally and her interactions with other activists has caused a rift within the party. It remains to be seen how this will affect the party’s future and whether Deeming will take legal action against Pesutto.


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