Video shows driver appearing to deliberately hit cyclist in Melbourne hit-and-run – ABC News

Video shows driver appearing to deliberately hit cyclist in Melbourne hit-and-run - ABC News

A cyclist has urged the driver who knocked him from his bike in Melbourne’s south-east, in what police believe was an intentional act, to hand themself in and “don’t reproduce”.

Robert Clarke, 59, suffered grazes and bruises when he was struck by a vehicle in Noble Park last week.

Footage captured by another vehicle shows a white car slowing to a stop to let Mr Clarke ride past before accelerating and hitting him.

The incident happened at about 6:40am on Thursday, April 13, on Douglas Street at Noble Park.

Mr Clarke’s bike was dragged more than 100 metres along the road beneath the vehicle.

It’s the second time Mr Clarke has been the victim of a hit and run while riding his bike, but he initially thought the motorist on this occasion was revving his engine to intimidate him.

“They’re just going to rev, scare me and keep going and the next thing, yeah, the world was spinning,” he said.

“He actually hit me this time. He hasn’t hurled abuse, he hasn’t revved off and tried to scare me, he hasn’t thrown anything at me, he hit me.”

Cyclist Robert Clarke and his wife Donna have urged the motorist who hit him to come forward.()

Mr Clarke was riding to work when the incident happened and said he had not had a run in with the driver before he was struck.

He said he initially thought the driver may have been stopping to turn into a driveway but video footage of the incident appears to show the driver deliberately targeted the cyclist.

“I’ve been hit. That’s all I could think. The second thing of course was where’s the bike?” Mr Clarke said.

He has urged the driver to go to the police. 

“Hand yourself in, give up driving, don’t reproduce,” he said.

Robert Clarke suffered grazes and bruising in the incident.()

Mr Clarke’s wife Donna said she was amazed that he wasn’t more badly hurt.

“I don’t know how he doesn’t even have a broken finger. Not a single broken bone. Someone was looking out for him,” she said.

“Horrific just to think a human could do that to another human, I’m actually just blown away.”

Police said Mr Clarke’s bike was dragged beneath the vehicle for more than 100 metres and may have caused damage to the car’s front-left tyre.()

Police said the vehicle was believed to be a white 2008-2017 Mitsubishi Lancer and was last seen driving north-west through the Douglas Street-Heatherton Road intersection.

Sergeant Jerome Ithier from Greater Dandenong Highway Patrol said the vehicle may not have been carrying registration plates but it was likely to have damage to the front-left tyre.

“I’m appealing for the driver to hand yourself in. What you’ve done is deliberate, it’s dangerous, it’s reckless,” he said.

“We’re just very fortunate that this particular cyclist wasn’t injured any further than he has.

“The community expects better from our road users and our drivers and if you’re involved in a collision, stop, help the person. It’s certainly not something you should be leaving, when you hit someone.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has information has been asked to contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.


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