Wet weather to smash east coast this weekend – Sky News Australia

Wet weather to smash east coast this weekend - Sky News Australia

Millions of residents have been warned to brace for wet weather this weekend, with rain to lash Australia’s east coast.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the grim forecast was due to an upper-level trough and developing low pressure system off the coast of New South Wales.

Sky News Australia Meteorologist Rob Sharpe said a “little line of wet weather” currently moving through South Australia will sweep across Melbourne and Hobart in the afternoon hours of Friday, with the rain later moving further up north to NSW and the ACT on Saturday and Sunday.

Mr Sharpe said both Melbourne and Hobart will be close to 15C by 3pm on Friday, rather than the forecasted 21C.

Sydney and Brisbane, however, will enjoy sunny conditions throughout Friday with a predicted maximum of 27C and 26C respectively.

Both weekend days are predicted to be quite wet especially for NSW and the ACT, along with some parts of southern Queensland experiencing slight showers as well.

“Nice little run of rain for a few hours for most locations during Saturday,” Mr Sharpe said.

“Sydney will be quite wet on Saturday and Sunday but it’s just south of there that looks like being the target zone.”

On Sunday, the south coast will be hit the hardest with chances of up to 100mm rain on parts of the coastline.

Areas around Canberra and Batemans Bay fall in this zone. There is also a minor possibility of flooding in the area.

Temperatures are estimated to drop throughout the southern half of the country by Saturday afternoon, roughly about 2pm. Chilly conditions will continue into Sunday.

The Bureau is monitoring the situation closely, and warnings will likely be issued over the weekend.

Source: skynews.com.au

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